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Dear Steve...I'm an artist and I use two Epson printers to print greeting cards. The models I use are the R200 and R300. I make a LOT of prints. I need to reduce my ink costs. I use a lot of black in particular because in my pictures the background is usually a solid black. Even though I buy the cheapest OEM ink tanks I'm still paying a fortune. I know I can either refill the tanks or get an adaptor to feed the ink from bottles of ink. I know I can do this with a 2200, but can I do this with these two cheap printers? I get really fine images with these little printers. If not, can I just refill the tanks after they are empty? If so can you tell me how to do this? Because years ago I bought a replacement ink kit and I couldn't seem to get the ink into the tank with that syringe and I couldn't tell how much ink actually got into the tank. Also I got ink all over everything, everywhere. And if I did do this (refill the tanks) do I need a "chip resetter"? Epson printers make really good prints, better than any other manufacturer, but the printers themselves are a big pain. I don't have printer problems with my old HP, only the Epson and I've had some problem with every one I've ever had.



Hello Patri,
Actually the newer generation of Canon printers will smoke the Epson in every category. They are faster, print better quality images and are by far less prone to print head headaches. We work with most of the different printers on a daily basis and the only printers we use in our office and home are the Canon Pixma 3000. Do not purchase any Pixma printers that have a 2 after the first no. ex. 4200. Canon has redesigned these printers to make them virtually impossible to run a CIS or to refill the cartridges. The Pixma 3000 with the CIS is a wonder to behold and will sit there a print without a hiccup.
If you want to keep using the Epson R models then I would recommend our refillable cartridges and inks sets.
I would avoid the CIS for the Epson R Models and the Epson 2200 because the print heads are very weak in both these printers and they will be a thorough source of contention if you need something to run reliable. The refillable cartridges have had an excellent track record and it is rare for us to hear any complaint when using these. If I were in your shoes, run the Epson R models till they croak, then fill them with cement and use them for a boat anchor and try to find a Canon 3000, 4000, or 5000. Don't wait to long though because Canon has discontinued them and they are becoming scarce.

Hi Folks,
I bought a set of the "always full chip" bulk cartridges for my Epson 7600 printer, UltraChrome ink. This is my first fill and uses of it and it appears as if the cartridge reading is getting down to empty. I was thinking the ink status bars on the printer screen would be at the FULL level each time I turned on the printer. But they are running down toward zero. Will they simply get down to a small level and stay there as if it never gets any lower, or is there something wrong? Please advise. I do have the chip-resetter that I use for the ink catcher... Thanks in advance for your help with this issue.
Kind Regards,
Hello Kenn,
They will reset themselves when they get low enough.

Hi Steve,
I seem to have misplaced the instructions for refilling my Epson refillable 3000 cartridges. Thank you for your assistance and may God Bless you.

Lindsay Alex

Hello Alex
Real Simple.
Remove yellow stopper, place funnel into cartridge, pour ink just short of the air vent on the front of the cartridge
replace stopper. :)

Hi! Steve

I have the Epson C88 printer. I just did a refill for the second time and this time the cartridges are not working. I tried to prime them a little like I did the first time I used them. Is there another trick to this. The yellow works ok. The blue is in lines. The black I can't get to work at all and the magenta isn't coming out at all. It worked great the first time I put them in. I am sure I have done something funky but can you help me.
Hello John,
Your print heads are air locked. Simply restart the nozzles using your OEM Epson cartridges and then be sure the refill cartridges are fully primed when reinstalling them. For future fillings do not remove the cartridges from the printer. This will prevent them from air locking.

Hello Steve,
I'm slightly confused and thought you could help.
On your site you have refill inks for many printers, as well as dye sub
printers. I read that it takes an Epson printer to do the dye sub process; I
have a Canon I-850. But then I see you sell inks for this Canon printer. So
will this work for doing dye sub? Or not?
If not, what Epson printers do you suggest for a good home use dye sub?
Thanks in advance.

Hello Jerry,
Canons will not work for Dyesub.
You will need to purchase an Epson printer. Check this site for Dye Sub supplies.

Hi Steve
I have a Cannon PIXMA ip4200 printer. What do I need to refill the ink cartridges and make them work? And what are the prices?
The cartridges are: CLI-8bk, PGI-5BK, CLI-8Y, CLI-8M, CLI-8C
I would appreciate your response.
Hilton K.
Sorry Hilton,
but you are stuck with a printer that you will be forced to buy cartridges for because the printer uses microchips. All the newest generation Canon printers are designed by Canon to be very difficult to refill or use a CIS system on. In the inkjet industry the money is not in printers but in the ink cartridges, so the printer manufacturers are making it ever more difficult for the consumer to go aftermarket. Keep a close eye to this page. As soon as a refill cartridge comes available we will put them on the site. Your best bet right now is to grab up any of the remaining Canon Pixma IP 3000, 4000, and 5000. We carry a complete package on our CIS page that includes the Canon Pixma IP 3000 with CIS and a 4 oz. set of inks.

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