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I just tried printing a glass tile and hardly anything printed on it. I printed the transfer on HTR5000 JetCol paper. I put the paper in the printer sticky side down. I attached it to the backside of the tile with heat tape. I put the tile in the press backside down. I put a protective sheet of paper on each side. I put the nomex felt on top and I pressed at 400 for 5 minutes. When I pulled it out, basically nothing had transferred. I followed every step of directions. What went wrong? Oh, did I mention that I'm trying to get a job out today?
John Rentz

When I press a tile I first put the nomex, then the transfer (printed side up) then the tile (backside up so the heat goes "through" the tile and then i place a Teflon pad on top. Since the tile is on the nomex the transfer is nice put around the edges. Hope this helps. Kind regards,

Hello John,
The way Dimitri explains it is the same way we do it. There are a couple of other items I would like to point out. The Nomex is an insulator thereby preventing the heat from transferring. Second you mentioned press temperature at 400. The only item we go up to 425 is for glass and tiles and we also run our time at 8 min. 30 sec.





There are so many places to chose from , but I would rather go with a
recommendation for the group for a new CIS. I had one for my R320 and it doesn't work with my R340 because of that damn plastic piece going through the middle of the printer at the top. I researched for an hour or so and have to get
some sleep. I figured I would ask the group for suggestions and help on
choosing one. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Magillakim,
We are manufacturers of cis systems, however because the R series printers can be so temperamental I would recommend the refillable cartridges instead. The piezo crystals are not as forceful in the R series print heads as with the C series Epson printers and so have a greater challenge pulling the ink from the bottles next the printer. The refillable cartridges have the advantage of allowing the ink to flow by gravity and so are a much more reliable way to feed the ink into the print head. Don't get me wrong we have customers using the cis with R series printers however we forewarn them that they are not without hiccups. Should you opt for the refill cartridges you can find them on this page.







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