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Sublimation mug

1 pair of Heat Resistant Gloves $19.95 Heat press gloves

The BEST method for pressing tile is proven to be FACE DOWN,
with thick Nomex and without 1/8" green rubber. The green heat conductive
rubber does not wrap around the radius of the tile as well, it looses heat
when placed on top of the tile, it is extremely expensive and it has a short
life-span. The "best-by-far" tile printing method we have found with 100's
of tile printing heat press customers as well as the major manufacturers is
as follows:

1. Use 1/2" white Nomex felt only for tile pressing.
2. Lay Nomex on top of black padding of swing-away heat press.
3. Lay cover sheet of plain paper on felt.
4. Place transfer paper face up (ink-up) on top of cover sheet.
5. Place tiles face down onto transfer paper.
6. Lay additional cover sheet over back of tiles to protect heat platen
Teflon coating (optional).
7. Heavy pressure, 415F, 6-12 mins. (time varies based on size of tile,
and number of tiles pressed at once)


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BC 30
3 Million
Volt Stun Gun

Migra Spray Migraine Relief

Avoid painful
Migraines with a
simple pleasant
under the
tongue spray.

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