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Our mission statement

 At we have a two fold goal.
To provide you, as our customer, a high quality product that will effectively serve your needs, as well as service and tech support with a smile (not always visible through the internet, but there, none the less). We will not compromise our values by selling a so called cheap product to make a buck. Our company motto can be found in Proverbs 22:1 "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold."

We have come to an understanding, because of our faith in Jesus Christ the Savior, that to acquire wealth to only serve ourselves is a self defeating goal. It was the late Jim Elliott who made the statement "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose".                  
Listed below are some of the ongoing projects that we at have chosen to undertake to help those in their hour of need.
Projects for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
We thank "you" our faithful customers for your loyalty. A percentage of our profit is used to help those that so desperately need it.
Thank you.
In order to insure that the funds are properly used and that the work is successfully completed we direct the funds to two of the finest Christian ministries we know of.
For more information click here. Operation Blessing and Orpahns Promise
New Projects for 2006
This year, after prayerful consideration, we have chosen to help the most helpless among us, the little children with cleft lip and palates that have no hope for a normal existence. These children are often born into families that barely make enough money to simply survive, let alone deal with something as tragic as this. For $400 the life of a child can be turned around and given hope for a new future. To date, we have been able to sponsor nine children for this important  surgery. Thank you.




Other projects for 2006
Because the India well project has been so successful, we are still continuing on with the drilling of more wells. Literally thousands of lives are impacted and these people have a hope for the future. Again, thanks to you for making this a dream come true. For more on this project please see the bottom of this page.

A brand new water well brings clean water to a village in India.

Hurricane Katrina 8-30-05
Do to the incredible suffering and hardship brought about by Hurricane Katrina we have made a slight change in our giving strategy. We will be directing all financial relief aid to the victims of this terrible storm. The funds will go directly to Operation Blessing one of the primary providers of food and medical supplies for the Salvation Army.
Operation Blessing, (OB) is a nonprofit organization devoted to relieving human suffering both nationally and internationally through hunger relief, medical aid, disaster relief, community development, and support to faith-based and community relief organizations.


Operation Blessing trucks headed to Katrina storm victims

Through its Hunger Strike Force (HSF) program, OB supplies food to thousands of small relief groups and food pantries serving a diverse population of needy people. OBI also assists these organizations to provide other life-enhancing services.
Operation Blessing is also involved in other activities such as helping storm victims recover from the damage to their homes. Downed trees are removed at no cost to the homeowner so that they can begin rebuilding their homes.

Operation Blessing crane removes trees from Katrina storm victims' homes.

Projects for 2005

Tsunami victims are provided with temporary shelter

Child of the Tsunami

Due to the enormous devastation in the Tsunami area of the Indian ocean, we sent $1000.00 for immediate relief supplies and another $1000.00 for the rebuilding of an orphanage that was completely swept away from the massive tidal wave. All the children and workers were spared from certain death by getting into a fishing boat. We are grateful that they were unharmed, however, their need is great. Thanks to you, our customers for making it possible to help these people rebuild.

   Child of the Tsunami

Villagers in China Celebrate Gift of Water
Imagine walking six miles twice a day to get water. Imagine lugging that water by hand and using it over and over again. "A bowl of water is used three times," said one village resident. "The first time is for washing vegetables. The second time is for washing the pots. And the third time is for watering the livestock." Such had been the fate of 1,874 residents of the village of Xifan, China. To alleviate the incredible hardships that many throughout the desert regions of China have had to endure, we have chosen projects such as this as our 2005 goal through the supervision and direction of The Christian Broadcasting Network's World Reach program.

Map of China

You have made it possible to help several drought stricken families. The water cisterns will collect the 12-15 inches of rain that fall each year and provide enough water to last one family a whole year. Because water is so scarce, villagers bathe only once a year. Clothes are washed only twice a month. The village teacher named Jiang actually laughed when asked about using water for personal hygiene. "You see my clothes are dirty," he said. "We have no water!"

Chinese woman carrying water

With your help we are able to supply a water cistern for a whole family of seven for about $200.00, which they can use for the rest of their lives. The average annual salary in Gansu Province is only $125.00, making it virtually impossible for these people to afford something that is so desperately needed. However, you are making it possible for them.
For the year 2005 sent $4000.00 to CBN World Reach and you made it possible to build the first 20 water cisterns in China.
Thank you.


Chinese boy pumping water from the new water cistern

Year 2004 Projects
Gulf Coast residents receive much needed relief.
  Because of the recent devastation in Florida and the Gulf States, we have sent a check for $600.00 to the Salvation Army's feeding program. The Salvation Army is meeting the needs of those that have been left devastated, and homeless, supplying them with the most urgent supplies such as clothing, food, water and hot meals. These funds are coming directly from you, our customers.

Gulf coast storm victim catches a much needed bite to eat

Gulf coast storm victims get a hot meal and shelter

Gulf coast storm victims get a hot meal

Children in India get their first taste of clean water.
We have also chosen to undertake the project of drilling fresh water wells through CBN World Reach in underdeveloped countries. Rampant poverty makes it virtually impossible for families to have a fresh water supply in these countries. As a result, countless thousands of children die painful, needless deaths due to dirty water that is infested with bacteria and parasites. The average water well will cost about $1000.00, which includes the installation of a hand pump.
    The photos you see below are a tribute to all our faithful customers who played a part in this rewarding endeavor. The water well program was started in 1999. To date you have made it possible to drill 10 water wells. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all of our faithful customers. Thank you from all of us at

A brand new water well brings clean water to a village in India.

A brand new water well brings clean water to a village in India.

All funds for the projects you see above are made possible because of our faithful customers. We thank you for shopping with us.
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