Sublimation coating, sublimation polymer coating, coating sublimation,

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coating for hard surfaces.

PolyFog Sublimation
polymer coating for fabrics

Polycoat sublimation coating
is a clear liquid based sublimation coating product that can be brushed, dipped or sprayed to a sublimatable blank item that does not already have the sublimation polymer coating.
Comes complete with instructions.

Not intended for use with fabrics. See Polyfog sublimation coating below for fabrics.

Polycoat Sublimation Coating
For hard surfaces such as tiles,
coffee cups, plates, metals, etc.

Sublimation coating, sublimation polymer coating, coating sublimation

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Polyfog sublimation polymer coating
is a sprayable liquid sublimation polymer coating that is designed for use with 100% cotton or cotton poly blends.
Instructions for use.

Spray Polyfog sublimation polymer coating to the fabrics to create the necessary sublimation polymer coating base to sublimate to any light colored or white
T-shirts, mouse pads, aprons, socks, pillows cases, puzzles, etc. Simply spray Polyfog sublimation polymer coating with a household spray bottle or paint sprayer to apply to the fabric. Air dry or use your heat press to dry, then sublimate to the fabric. The heavier you apply the Polyfog sublimation polymer coating application the richer and more vibrant the colors become. You control the process. Very easy to use. Spray bottle not included, however is available at your local grocery store.

Polyfog Sublimation Polymer Coating
Designed for use with 100% cotton or cotton poly blends. Works great with T-shirts, mouse pads, aprons, socks, pillows cases, puzzles, etc.

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