Epson Stylus Color 3000 Cleaning cartridge instructions

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Epson 3000 printer purge and clean print head instructions.
The Epson 3000 is a very versatile printer that can be used with several different types of inks. It was designed by Epson as a dye based printer, however it also work well with an equivalent to the Epson Durabrite and dye sublimation inks. The one thing this printer however dislikes is when you simply switch to another ink without first purging the old inks out before introducing the new ink. Nine times out ten if you attempt this you will get ink coagulation in the print head. If not dealt with immediately you will end up with permanently plugged print heads. It is for this reason that using cleaning cartridges that are slightly ink tinted is a highly recommended to procedure first prepare the print heads for the new ink. Please see the instructions below for cleaning cartridge usage.
These cartridges also work very well for print heads that are badly plugged.
1-Turn your printer on.
2-Remove the regular ink cartridges
3-Turn the printer off.
The printer will now extract all the ink from the printer. Wait for the printer to complete this cycle.
4-Plug the cleaning cartridges into the printer.
5-Turn the printer on.
The printer will now charge and fill the print heads.
Run a cleaning cycle and nozzle check to see if the nozzles are all firing. If they are not perfect then repeat steps 1-5 again.
If you are unable to get the nozzles clean after 2 of these processes then allow the printer to sit for 2 days and repeat steps 1-5. If necessary allow the printer to sit for 1 month for the really stubborn clogs to emulsify the old ink deposits.
All 4 cartridges are tinted with 5% black ink in order to see your nozzle checks.

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Epson Stylus 3000 Purge and Clean cartridges



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