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Technical Information

How to R&R a microchip from an Epson cartridge
DO NOT touch the gold contacts on the chips.
Any form of static electricity can erase the chip's memory.
Skin oils will cause sufficient insulation on the chips' gold contacts to prevent the chip from registering with the printer. Once the chips are installed on the cartridge, be sure to unplug the printer's 110 cord from the wall as well as the USB cable from the printer.
If you fail to unplug the printer when you install or remove the cartridges, you will erase the chip's memory. A chip with the memory erased cannot be restored. Any chip that gives you a red error light message has either been erased or has skin oils on it. Skin oils can be wiped off using 99% isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth. Chips MUST be placed on the correct cartridge. You cannot use the yellow chip on the black cartridge ETC.
DO NOT mix chips from another manufacturer with our chips, because they probably will not work. NEVER EVER attempt to install a cartridge into the printer without a chip on the cartridge. If you do you will destroy the tiny gold wires inside the printer that the chips make contact with.
The "Always Full Chip" will reset itself in a number of different ways:
1 - Fully automatic.
2 - The ink levels will go down to the very bottom on the Epson status monitor. When they reach the bottom, the red error light will come on one of the printer buttons. Push on the button with the red error light and wait 1 minute. If it does not reset, turn the printer off and wait 30 seconds and turn it back on.
3 - A window will appear to tell you that this is not an Epson original cartridge. This is a scare tactic that Epson writes into the printers mother board. Simply ignore what it says and click yes. You want to print anyway. Please understand, the chip cannot read ink levels in the cartridge. It simply fools the printer into believing that the Cartridge or Bulk Feed System still has ink in the cartridge. To remove your old chips, take a sewing needle and pry the chip off the cartridge from the upper right hand corner of the chip. Be careful as you pry with the needle that the chip does not fly off and hit you in the eye.
  The chip corners can be very sharp. To install the chips simply slide the bottom of the chip onto the lower elongated post and then push the top of the chip over the top plastic post. Be sure you are perfectly lined up with the upper post. If the chip does not hold securely in place then take a needle or tooth pick and apply a very very small amount of silicone glue to the edge of the chip. Remember silicone is an insulator. If you get it on the contacts the chip will not work. Because these are not OEM Epson chips, you, the consumer, take full responsibility for the use of these chips. Any use or misuse of these chips that causes damage to your printer, loss in inks, or loss in revenue from a non working printer cannot be held against the seller of the chips. To date, we are not aware of anyone damaging a printer with the use of these chips, however, we have customers that disregard our warnings about how to handle the chips because they ignore what is written above. There is no warranty for chips that you accidentally erase, so please be careful.

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