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Sublimation products
Aluminum license plates
Aluminum dash plaques
Aluminum business cards
Aluminum 8" x 12" stock
Aluminum 12" x 18" stock
Sublimation Paper
Sublimation Paper for cotton Ts
Sublimation hot peel transfer paper
Sublimation opaque paper
Sublimation coating
Polycoat sublimation coating
Polyfog sublimation polymer coating
Sublimation software
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How to R&R a microchip from an Epson cartridge

Print Head release for older generation Epson printers

Print Head release for newer generation Epson printers

Epson Print Head Docking Station  

Epson 3000 printer purge and clean print head instructions.

How to unplug Epson print heads.

How to unplug Canon Print heads

Filling the Canon ink cartridge

What to do to your printer before going on vacation.

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Volt Stun Gun

Migra Spray Migraine Relief

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