Sublimation instructions for aluminum
license plates and other aluminum sublimation products

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Sublimation instructions for aluminum
Temp and Time

350 to 365 degrees for 60 to 75 seconds. Darker colors and larger sized pieces require higher temp and time. Use light to light medium pressure for heat pressing.

Normal settings are 355 degrees for 60 seconds with an auto license plate transfer.

Material Set Up:

Place transfer paper on bottom, image facing up. (You can add a transfer on top facing down for brushed aluminum side, if interested.)

The aluminum blank goes face down on transfer. Clean blank with alcohol before using.

Place light to medium weight paper on top covering entire item.

In humid areas

Pre-press of 5 to 10 seconds may be necessary to remove moisture from the transfer.

Heat press for 60 to 75 seconds total, including pre press.

Note: The above information has produced consistent fine art quality results using Epson print equipment and Artanium UV inks. Other inks can cause varying results.

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