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If you need sublimation printouts so that you can do your own pressing then simply send us a .pdf or .jpg and we will do the printing for you.

Save the cost of the sublimation printer, refillable cartridges and inks and let us do the printing for you. All you do is press the printed image to your substrate.

Please only send sharp well focused images or graphics in highest possible resolution not exceeding
10 Mbs.

Press the paper to anything from Mugs, Tiles, T-Shirts, Bread Boards, Aprons, License Plates, Luggage Tags, Trophy Awards Plaques.

If you have any questions please call us at 406-333-0330 or email us at

Sublimation Cup

Your 8.5" x 11" image printed to sublimation paper.

Sheet Quantity

Sublimation Licence Plate

Your 8.5" x 14" image printed to sublimation paper.

Sheet Quantity

Sublimation T-Shirt

Your 11" x 17" image printed to sublimation paper.

Sheet Quantity

Sublimation Sign

Your 13" x 19" image printed to sublimation paper.

Sheet Quantity
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